The Diversity Delusion by Heather Mac Donald

Education & Parenting

How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture

“Diversity” in the academy purported to be about bridge-building and broadening people’s experiences. It has had the opposite effect: dividing society, reducing learning, and creating an oppositional mind-set that prevents individuals from seizing the opportunities available to them. It is humanistic learning, by contrast, that involves an actual encounter with diversity and difference, as students enter worlds radically different from their own. Humanistic study involves imaginative empathy and curiosity, which are being squelched in today’s university in favor of self-engrossed complaint. Teaching the classics is the duty we owe these great works for giving us an experience of the sublime. Once we stop lovingly transmitting them to the next generation, they die. For decades, universities have drifted further and further away from their true purpose. Now they are taking the rest of the world with them.” – Heather Mac Donald

How the anti-Western Civilization, anti-freedom, post-modern, “woke”, collectivist, ideologies dominating the social science and humanity departments of American Universities are spilling outside the university into all realms of American culture like a virus.

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