Rooseveltcare by Don Watkins

Politics & Society

“They have promised us protection from nature in exchange for letting them rule men. A self-reliant America would offer us protection from other men so that we are free to face the challenges of nature. That is what we should fight for, those of us who want to make the world a better place.”

“The true source of economic security is self-reliance and economic freedom—Social Security is immoral because it subverts both. It sabotages the virtues that enable us to survive, prosper, and enjoy our lives—and the social system that lets us exercise those virtues.” — Don Watkins

Rooseveltcare: How Social Security is Sabotaging the Land of Self Reliance explains how the government takeover of an individual’s ability to plan and save for their own retirement through FDR’s “social security” program, is morally wrong and runs counter to America’s core principles of individualism and self-reliance. The book shows how this unfunded statist, Ponzi scheme with trillions of dollars of unfunded mandates, threatens to bankrupt the American government. The author calls for the abolishment of the entitlement state, and by examining how Americans saved for their retirement in the past — through voluntary savings and self-help societies — shows a workable way out. The worst part of this book is its now obscure “clever” title — a play on Obamacare.

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