Innovators in Sculpture


“How did artists progress from Egyptian sculptures to a work such as Frishmuth’s The Vine – two of the works on the front cover? To find out, we focus on innovations that gave the sculptors who created them – and all those who followed – greater power to make viewers stop, look, and think about sculptures. This jargon-free book is a great introduction or refresher for anyone interested in art or art history. Since it provides a framework for looking at any period of Western sculpture, it will make your next museum visit (virtual or actual) more enjoyable. If you’re the friend, partner, or relative of an art enthusiast, it’s a first step toward sharing their excitement. Most importantly, though, Innovators in Sculpture can help you find more subjects, styles, and periods that intrigue you and appeal to you – that show the world the way you think it can and ought to be. And what’s the point of looking at art, if not for moments like that?” – Diane Durante

Innovators in Sculpture by Dianne L. Durante examines the past five thousand years of sculpture by examining great innovative works of sculpture. By understanding the ideas behind those sculptural innovations one can connect with the minds of those artists from years long past.

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